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A poster for every opening

Those openings with a lot of theory cover even two posters, as is the case with the Queen’s gambit and the Sicilian defense. Many others share a poster with related openings. This list shows where to find what, grouped into openings with d4, with e4, and flank openings.

Stack of folded drafts. The sold prints come rolled and printed on quality poster paper
Flank1Flank openings with a pawn (incl. Polish and Bird‘s opening, Grob‘s attack)
2Flank openings with a Knight (incl. Dunst and Réti opening)
3English opening
1. d44Semi-closed games (incl. Old Benoni and Dutch defense)
5Closed games (incl. Blackmar-Diemer gambit)
6Queen‘s gambit (incl. Slav defense)
7Queen‘s gambit declined
8Indian defenses (incl. Benko and Budapest gambit)
9Indian defenses with e6 (incl. Nimzo-Indian, Queen‘s Indian and Catalan defense)
10Indian defenses with g6 (King‘s Indian and Grünfeld defense)
1. e411Semi-open games (incl. Nimzowitsch and Alekhine defense)
12Semi-open games (Caro Kann and Scandinavian defense)
13Sicilian defense (incl. Smith-Morra gambit)
14Sicilian defense, open variations
15Semi-open games (Pirc and Robatsch defense)
16French defense
17Open Games (incl. Vienna and Center game, Bishop‘s opening)
18King‘s gambit
19King‘s Knight opening (incl. Philidor and Petrov‘s defense, Latvian gambit)
20Knight Knight (incl. Four Knights and Scotch game, Ponziani opening)
21Ruy Lopez
22Italian game (incl. Evans gambit)

Posters are 849 x 1197 mm of size and depict between one hundred and two hundred named variations each, 3000+ altogether.